Visit from Animal Nepal

Animal Nepal – working for elephants

We have recently had the pleasure of hosting Animal Nepal, including president Pramada Shah. Animal Nepal is a pioneering animal welfare NGO, run by an inspiring team of vets, animal welfare campaigners and educators. In 2014, they initiated the Working Elephant Outreach Programme, which aim to develop responsible elephant tourism. In the programme, they work directly with elephant owners to encourage good practices, such as chain free corrals and humane safaris. These are the practices at our Elephant Camp, and they are in continuous development. After their stay, we were delighted to receive a wonderful review from Animal Nepal.




“Most amazing experience of my life”

Pramada Shah describes her experience thus: “Walking with elephants instead of riding them was the most amazing experience of my life. Encountering rhinos while walking was the highlight of our trip. I can guarantee this is a far superior experience than riding them. Animal Nepal is extremely pleased that Tiger Tops is being a responsible tour operator that promotes no contact tourism for the first time in the history of Nepal.”




Important support

We continue to develop this exciting product as an alternative and responsible elephant activity. We are delighted with the response and support we are receiving from organisations like Animal Nepal and Elephant Watch Nepal. Our philosophy is leading by example, and we strive to inspire. We aim to show that alternatives to elephant safaris are possible and viable, and that observing elephants´ natural behavior is as entertaining, if not more, than any other elephant activity. In line with Animal Nepal´s efforts, we encourage private elephant owners to see the benefits of making a shift towards more humane elephant encounters. When you visit us, you support and encourage this endeavor – we look forward to welcome you as our guest!

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