MEET THE ELEPHANTS  The Elephant Camp is home to eleven resident elephants. The elephants are the talking point of the jungle and they are looked after with the utmost care. During your stay with us, you will have a chance to get to know each and every elephant. There are a number of characters amongst the herd, individual by their own right and extremely entertaining to be around. Each elephant is looked after by two mahouts, the phanit (lead mahout) and the pacchuwa (second mahout).

Hira Kali Profile Hira Kali  Hira Kali loves interacting with both people and other elephants. As the largest and most dominant elephant in the herd, 45 year old Hira Kali stands at a towering 9ft and weighs in at 4.5 tons. In 2008 Hira Kali gave birth to Sandra and they now live together at Tiger Tops Elephant Camp. She has a very healthy appetite, and goes after anything edible. Phanit: Ratia Bote Pachhuwa: Sante Kumal

Sandra Kali Profile Sandra Kali  Young, light and full of energy, Sandra Kali is the newest member of the Tiger Tops elephant family. Born in 2006 at Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge to Hira Kali, Sandra Kali is adored by all those she comes into contact with. Her best friends are Saraswoti Kali and Gulab Kali. Phanit: Nabin Mahato Pachhuwa: Dilip Mahato

Saraswoti Kali Profile Saraswoti Kali Saraswoti Kali is 20 years old and she is approximate 8ft tall and weighs 4 tons. She has a lovely tuft of black hair and two small tushs (small tusks). She is fond of Sandra Kali, and she is also very good friends with Gulab Kali, who took a liking to her when she was a calf. Phanit: Ram Charan Tharu Pacchuwa: Narayan Mahato

Gulab Kali Profile Gulab Kali  Gulab Kali is the loveable grandma of the elephant herd. The affable 49 year old is friendly to all those she encounters – people, elephants and baby elephants. She is a very curious elephant and likes the occassional wonder. Phanit: Bikran Mahato Pachhuwa: Jan Bdr. Kumal

Pawan Kali Profile Pawan Kali  Pawan Kali is 55 years old. She is 8.6 feet tall and weighs approximately 4 tons. She can be recognized on the depigmentation on her body and upper head. Middle-aged Pawan Kali enjoys time to herself. She has a close bond with her mahouts, but prefers not to socialize so much with other elephants and people. She gets along with Dipendra Kali. Phanit: Indra Thapa Pachhuwa: Jeet Ram Mahato

Dipendra Kali Profile Dipendra Kali With her 60 years, Dipendra Kali is the oldest of the elephants in Tiger Tops Elephant Camp. She is 8.3 feet tall and weighs approximately 4 tons. She is a very strong and healthy elephant. She can be recognized from the depigmentation on her ears and neck, which is also a sign of her age. Dipendra Kali is very fond of water and loves the daily walks to the river. Pawan Kali and Gulab Kali are good friends of Dipendra Kali. Phanit: Uday Thanet Pacchuwa: Budhi Ram Mahato

Sunder Kali Profile Sunder Kali Sunder Kali is 47 years old, 8.4 feet tall, and weighs approximately 3.5 tons. She is much like Pawan Kali in that she enjoys her own company. Sunder Kali is most fond of Sona Kali. Phanit: Churamani Mahato Pachhuwa: Somal Bote

Sona Kali ProfileSona Kali Sona Kali is a fit 45 year old, friendly towards other elephants, the mahouts and guests. Being 8ft and 4 tons, she is a lean elephant that moves with a little more spring in her step. She enjoys jungle walks. Phaint: Hit Lal Mahato Pachhuwa: Udha Ram Tharu

Chan Chun Kali Profile Chan Chun Kali Chan Chun Kali is 36 years old, 8.6 feet tall and weighs about 3.5 tons. She is popular with most of the other elephants, and she loves water and swimming. Phanit: Ramesh Tharu Pacchuwa: Sanichare Bote

Sita Kali Profile Sita Kali Sita Kali wants to be everybody’s friend – she is personable, easily excited and enjoys hanging out with other elephants and people. Sita Kali is very maternal and is protective of baby elephant Sandra Kali. Being a little smaller than the other adults, weighing in at 3.7 tons and 7ft, Sita Kali moves with ease around the jungle. Phanit: Ratna Mahato Pachhuwa: Kishwar Tharu

Raj Kali Profile Raj Kali Raj Kali is 42 years old female, and weighs approximately 3.35 tons. She loves scratching against the trees in her enclosure. She is a bit of an independent and wild spirit, and she has a sweet tooth. Phanit: Som Bahadur Kumal Pachhuwa: Yam Bahadur Mahato.