Monsoon munching

Monsoon is the time of year when you can literally watch the grass grow in the jungle in Nepal. After the dry season, which gets hotter and dryer throughout the spring, humans and elephants are eagerly expecting the monsoon rain. The rain usually starts between mid-June and beginning of July, and for two to three months it rains almost every day. Sometimes it rains only for a couple of hours and sometimes continuously for days.

Soon after the monsoon kicks in, everything becomes green and lush again, and the elephants can enjoy juicy grass and delightful mud baths. Enjoy the spectacular and colorful monsoon with the elephants – here is a short preview:


Raj Kali and Dipya Kali are taking a stroll in the greenery of their newly built home.

Hira Kali in mud

Hira Kali is posing wearing her beauty mud mask adorned with a few plants. The mud helps protecting her skin from sun and from mosquitoes.


The elephant jungle walk was never more “jungly” than during the monsoon. Watch out for leeches!


The Narayani river has flooded a vast area, where the elephants enjoy uprooting and eating the fresh grass.

Bhim watching the river

Naturalist Bhim is keeping an eye on the huge Narayani river and the elephants in the rain.


Saraswoti Kali, always protective of Sandra Kali, playing around in the water. Tharu women are fishing in the background.

Elephants in river

Just because it’s raining it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good swim with your best friend!

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