Babysitting Kanchi Kali

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We are delighted to share with you news that Kanchi Kali has arrived at her new home here at Tiger Tops Elephant Camp.





Kanchi Kali has come from Machan Country Villa in the village and will be staying with us for the foreseeable future. The Elephant Care Team at Machan have sought our assistance so that this young 13-year-old girl can have space to roam and play and plenty of uninhibited social time too.


Being 13 years old, Kanchi is full of energy. A teenager by human standards but still a baby at heart!

As you may know, elephant’s names in Nepal all have meaning. Gulab means rose, Sita is named after the Hindu goddess, for example. Kanchi is the affectionate name given to young girls, suggesting that they are cute or sweet. A fitting name for this gorgeous girl who can be identified by her two small tush and hairy elbows!

She arrived early on Saturday morning after walking the few kilometres through the village from Machan Country Villa with her mahout Ghanshyam. Both Kanchi and Ghanshyam were welcomed with a puja ceremony.



As you can see in this video, Bhim (Elephant Camp Manager and Naturalist) lit the incense sticks and bless her. Lodge Manager DB then blessed her with a tika, flowers and gave her a juicy apple too.

Kanchi then met her new corral mates, our young girl Sandra Kali whose birthday we celebrated two weeks ago. Resident aunties Gulab Kali and Sita Kali rushed to greet Kanchi and so far they have all been getting on very well. 

Our team of mahouts have kept a close eye on the relationship as it’s been developing and are very pleased with their process so far. Hopefully Kanchi Kali can learn a thing or two from aunties Gulab and Sita but still find time to play with Sandra Kali too. 

It’s not only Kanchi Kali who will be learning. Her young mahout Ghanshyam has a lot to learn from our team of mahouts. We have no doubt he’ll adopt the Tiger Tops work ethic and learn how to create a trusting and sincere relationship with Kanchi too. 




Machan Villa are still very much involved with Kanchi Kali. They will be paying a contribution towards her food and her mahout’s salary too. We are so happy that Machan reached out to us. We are striving to create a better life for the captive elephants of Nepal and this is a big step in the right direction. Together we can be the change! 

One day (we don’t know when!) Kanchi Kali will return to Machan and we hope that when this time comes that they will be in a position to offer her the same high standard of living as she will get here with us. 

In the meantime, we are excited to watch Kanchi Kali grow and play. We are looking forward to seeing Ghanshyam develop his skills too.

Check out the video of Kanchi Kali’s arrival here!

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