The Elephant Camp was established in 2015 by Tiger Tops. Our aim was to give our resident elephants a little more autonomy and freedom; in turn this allows our guests to have the most unique and authentic elephant experience in Asia.

Since Tiger Tops was established in 1964 we have been the pioneers of responsible, ethical and sustainable tourism. In the 1960’s we initiated the responsible tourism concept by collaborating with the government to establish Nepal’s National Parks. Our key ethos as a company has always been the preservation and conservation of the wildlife and landscapes of Nepal.

The Elephant Camp is yet another pioneering initiative from Tiger Tops; established in collaboration with Elephant Aid International and Carol Buckley. We have built five spacious enclosures for our twelve resident elephants. The enclosures were finished by the end of April 2016 and the elephants are now living together in their natural groupings. Carol Buckley will be providing ongoing training to the mahouts for positive reinforcement methods.

Our philosophy is to create and give our guests the most personal and meaningful experience with our elephants. The experience is bespoke and tailored  for you, allowing you to connect with the elephants in a more profound but unobtrusive way. By spending time with them throughout the day you will get to know their individual personalities, behaviour and habits.

Our guests will learn about the elephants’ codependency with the eco-system, the sacred relationship between mahout and elephant and in turn be enlightened as to how to me a more responsible traveller and environmentally conscious citizen of the world. It is not just elephants you will learn about, you will be accompanied by an expert naturalist field guide in all your activities. They will be on hand to answer any and all questions; from wildlife to local culture, from geography to flora and fauna, there is nothing our team can’t answer.

You will step into the lives the of elephants. You are invited to experience the elephants’ natural rhythm as they wake, graze, bathe, play, feed and sleep. During the day, the mahouts will take the elephants to the river and the jungle to supplement their diet by grazing, this also provides them with an opportunity for natural exercise. In the afternoon, the elephant are take to the river to drink and bathe at their leisure. You are welcome to join these walks, following the pace set by the elephants, to observe them at a safe and respectful distance.

You will experience and learn mainly by observing and engaging with the mahouts´ daily work. You are not allowed to ride, pet, feed or take selfies with the elephants. You will have physical contact with an elephant only if the elephant initiates the interaction and the mahout approves. Take all the photos you want, even try your hand at Nepali and chat to our mahouts!

Please respect these boundaries and we will do our utmost to make you feel at home and to give you a once in a lifetime experience with the elephants.

We look forward to welcoming you.

The Tiger Tops Elephant Camp Team.

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